6 Fun places + Romantic for valentine in Lombok

Ayokelombok.com | Who want to lombok for our valentinan there are some rekomended nih for you, lombok is known for its romantic place, besides the beauty of beach tourism and nature that we have 6 places that suitable for you with your partner for rayain valentine pair with your.

Valentin at Kuta Beach Lombok

This beach has a stretch of white sand and a bumpy coastline. Kuta Beach in Lombok is not as crowded as Kuta Beach in Bali, it is not wrong if you want to be alone with your partner here. Many activities you can do here, including surfing, snorkeling, or just sit back while waiting for the sunset.

Valentine Asyik di Gili Trawangan

Who does not like the beauty of gili trawangan, apart from the various pasilitas you can dapetin here, gili trawangan is also a very romantic location, try walking in the west of this dyke at sunset will set, sunsetnya really amazing, can you selfie in a very popular place that is swing in front of the hotel waves sunset.

Gili Meno Near Gili Trawangan

For you and the couple who prefer tranquility, Gili Meno is a paradise. In addition to finding peace because the island is not as crowded as Gili Trawangan, beach exoticism on this island will be very tempting for snorkeling or diving. Moreover, if lucky, you can meet with a green turtle while diving. This island is very small, even you and your partner can walk to take it. On this island there is no motor vehicle, there is only cidomo (delman withdrawn with horse) as a means of transportation.

Gili Air A quite private place in Lombok

Among the 3 gili lombok above the three you can visit in 1 time, by snorkeling ria, to enjoy a quiet time Gili Air is a very strategic location, very romantic with your partner.

Sendang Gile The Tempting Waterfall

Glide to the north end of the island of lombok, there is a waterfall that will make you unnerved, you can take pictures here with your partner as romantic as possible.

Puncak Gunung Rinjani

If you and your partner love adventure, the top of rinjani can be a historic witness in your life with your partner, the mountain with one of the highest in Indonesia offers extraordinary charm, go to Mount Rinjani once in a lifetime with your spouse,


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