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Ayokelombok.com | Almost all types of tourist destinations in the Lombok region are always interesting for us to visit. There are so many attractions that are served like Mount Rinjani, various beaches, waterfalls, and also Peak Pergasingan that is not less beautiful with the top of Rinjani. This hill is located at an altitude of about 1700 mdpl which makes the air around it quite cool and comfortable.
From the top of this hill we can see and enjoy the scenery of the village area Sembalun like paddies that look neat, the trees are green and others. In addition it can also be seen clearly the slopes of Rinjani is still very fresh and beautiful. Peak Racing is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy Mount Rinjani but not yet accustomed to climbing.

A lot of climbers who use this peak area to warm up the initial stage before climbing to Mount Rinjani. Even many who use it as an outlet for climbing to the top of Rinjani closed.

Kemudahan Akses Menuju Puncak Pergasingan

One that makes this tourist destination is recommended is the existence of a ladder. For a buddy who is still a beginner will be greatly facilitated by the existence of these stairs.
But in some locations should be more struggling because the field consists of soil and rocks are quite slippery and steep. Moreover, the route has a slope of about 70 degrees. So the point is all must remain cautious even though there are stairs are quite sturdy.

bukit pegangsingan
bukit pegangsingan

More comfortable again, you only need to make the climb about 600 mdpl just because the village Sembalun already at an altitude of 110 masl. To get to the climbing gate of Peak Pergasingan, you can walk or rent motorcycle taxi. If you want there there is also a pickup car rental that is fit to transport many people. The price of admission is also very affordable once with treats a super beautiful and charming.

The most important thing, if you visit various tourist destinations, you should always keep the surrounding nature. For example being able to keep by always throwing garbage in place. If necessary bring the garbage of others who are scattered down to the bottom so that the Peak of the Rebellion will always be sustainable, natural and beautiful.



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