Forest Tourism Sesaot the beautiful and Very Natural

For some people a tour to a forest is something very interesting. Indeed, by visiting the forest is still very beautiful and natural can bring peace for ourselves. One of the forest tours that can be visited is Sesaot forest tour. Here you can feel the tranquility, comfort in this tourist jungle of Lombok.

Even the forest Sesaot Tourism is also one of the protected forest area in the area of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara. For those who want to visit, this forest is located in the District of Narmada exactly Sesaot West Lombok NTB. If you’ve arrived at this sights, you can bring home a souvenir of woven cloth. The majority of the population is a Sasak tribe who is very good at weaving a distinctive and beautiful cloth.

Hutan Wisata Sesaot (2)
Hutan Wisata Sesaot (2)

Well, for your own transportation do not need to be confused. To go to Sesaot Forest, you can use private car rental service or can also rent a car or motorbike that is provided. To be more efficient it is better to hire a large enough number of friends to share and save on expenses.

The Natural Fresh Eata in Sesaot Tourism Forest

Inside the jungle of this tour, you can feel and enjoy the air around a very cool and refreshing. Indeed, this forest is still very natural and beautiful. Moreover, the status of forests as protected forests also make the ecosystem in the forest is still very awake. In the forest there are many mahogany and agroforestry estates aimed at preventing erosion.

Even my friend can find as many as 40 sources of fresh springs and flow into the rivers around the city of Mataram. In the Middle Forest Tourism Sesaot also there is a very clear river with the name aik Nyet. This river is considered sacred because the water flows directly from the majestic Mount Rinjani.
You can enjoy a variety of exciting activities in this forest such as bathing in the river water is very fresh, outbond mengasikkan and also camping. So it is perfect for you who really like to enjoy nature that is still very natural.


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