How to Be Safe in the Port of Bangsal, Lombok

Bangsal Port becomes an alternative ferry location to reach Gili Trawangan with friendly prices. But residents in this location are notoriously less friendly and tend to be less secure, more so for foreign tourists.
Do you want to cross from Bangsal port? You need to be extra careful, following a mode that often happens to be anticipated.

Take Andong with Coercion

When you reach the harbor, you will be forced to use Andong or commonly known as Cidemo. Costs must be incurred very expensive. In general they will say that the distance is still very far away.
The reality is only a few hundred meters away. Well, for the first time tourists will certainly be consumed by their words.
Even so do not reject it roughly, should do a good price negotiation. Say that the trip is not the first time and the distance is not too far away, then you will get a cheaper price.

Difficult to Find Port Bangsal Transportation

Some boat owners will approach you while in port, they will say that there is no transportation returning from Gili Trawangan. For visitors who first, of course will directly go up the ship even though the price is high.
It’s a lie, everything it says is a lie, because a lot of transportation is coming back from Gili Trawangan. Therefore, ignore the words of people who come up and come straight to the ticket buyer counter. Where the price of the ship is listed, even the price of charter for a ship already exists and not too expensive.

Porters Force Forces

When someone is directly transporting luggage, you should immediately prevent before determining the price for transport. Because you will be charged a very expensive price for goods transport only.

Statement of No Drinking Water

Ignore people who say that on the island there is no drinking water, while they offer goods at very expensive prices. Whereas in Gili Trawangan all is available, there are minimarkets that provide a lot of goods.
The Bangsal Port is already famous for its problems, but you do not have to worry, because there is already a police post that will secure the port. So it will not be a big crime during the port.


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