Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok, Paradise Tour in East Lombok |East Lombok always presents hidden sights that must be explored by the true traveler. Not only offers beautiful landscapes from beach tourism charms, waterfalls or other interesting places, East Lombok also has a selection of historical tourist destinations. Well, what’s it like to enjoy a travel tour that combines the two? You can visit Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok located in Sekaroh Village, Jerowaru, East Lombok regency.

The Uniqueness of Historical Tourism Places Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok

It takes an extra fight if you want to go through the Lingkoq Datu Beach Shuffle tour. Because the access road to this place is still quite difficult. Rocky terrain, muddy and impassable if the rainy season comes. It’s just that the charming view of Penyisok Beach will treat all the complaints of the visitors. Before reaching this virgin beach, you must come to the floating stone mosque and Lingkoq Datu or the wells of the former kingdom.

If you are satisfied to see the royal wells, you can proceed directly to Penyisok Beach. This place offers a very charming beauty because it is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The true traveler who likes to try the sport is challenging then choosing surfing at Lingkoq Datu Shore Beach is the right choice. Indian Ocean waves will be a challenge for lovers of heart gymnastics.

Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok, Surga Tersembunyi di Lombok Timur
Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok, Surga Tersembunyi di Lombok Timur

In addition, the natural scenery from the cliff face Lingkoq Datu will make the eyes reluctant to turn to witness the masterpiece of God. The spacious Padang Savana combined with the blue sea water makes you feel at home in Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok. The multi-layered cliffs offer a view of the coast in Lombok that is anti mainstream.

Penyisok Beach also has a beautiful stretch of white sand that makes it suitable to take pictures taken. Of course all the beauty offered Lingkoq Datu Pantai Penyisok must be redeemed with difficulty. Be prepared to go through a cobbled road that can only be accessed by motor. Do not forget to bring your own supplies from home because you will not find a stall or restaurant. Even so, this tourist spot is very beautiful and deserve to be called as a hidden paradise of Lombok.

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