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Pantai Selong Belanak: The Instagramable Natural Beach

Selong Belanak Beach Tour becomes one among the dozens of beautiful beaches in Lombok that you must visit. Selong Belanak Beach has stunning scenery as well as underwater nature which is guaranteed to make anyone feel at home. No wonder if now tourist Selong Belanak Beach became the target of tourists who love traveling and upload photos on Instagram.

The Beauty of the Natural Beach Selong Belanak

Pantai Selong Belanak Pantai Alami yang Instagramable (2)
Pantai Selong Belanak Pantai Alami yang Instagramable (2)

Being in the area of ​​East Lombok, Selong Belanak Beach has always been a favorite tourist destination to Lombok. For you who plan to vacation to Lombok is very obliged to come to this beach because it is guaranteed not nyesel let alone natural coastal scenery which must be very instagramable.

For you who choose Selong Belanak Beach tour later when arrived there will be greeted with a very wide stretch of beach with a crescent shaped coastline. Not only that, in the vicinity of the beach a lot of green hills that make you as enchanted and more comfortable to linger on this one beach.

Even more amazing, this one beach directly facing the Indian Ocean and has a coastline with a length of 1 km. for those of you who want to walk along the beach guaranteed satisfaction and prepare your feet because the long coastline will make the beach cruising as if there is no end.

Not only can walk and take pictures, you can also try other activities when coming to this beach including swimming and surfing. But do not be happy just because the waves at Selong Belanak Beach is not too high so it is suitable for surfing for beginners only. You also do not need to bother to bring surf boards from the inn because on this beach there are many surfboard rental at affordable prices.

Once tired of playing on the beach, you can enjoy dishes to fill the stomach served by food stalls around the beach. Do not forget to drink young coconuts to make the beach feel more and more delicious.

The number of beauty that is served Tour Selong Belanak Beach makes this beach is perfect in the list visit your wisatamu in Lombok. Do not miss a camera or mobile phone to capture your most beautiful moments on this secured secured beach.

Sumber gambar: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-e4Q6WDx5HBw/VhHXVdr1_MI/AAAAAAAADSE/WrbeAEGiVW4/s1600/Perahu%2BNelayan%2Bdi%2BObyek%2BWisata%2BPantai%2BSelong%2BBelanak%2Bdi%2BLombok.jpg, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-d9148mXXu7M/U1PXb7UKLTI/AAAAAAAABBk/escA-n577S0/s1600/Keindahan+Pantai+Selong+Belanak.jpg

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