Private Tour on Exotic Mini Island, Gili Kedis

Buddy travelers must often hear the beauty of the gili in Lombok such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili it does offer beautiful scenery that is amazing but too crowded. For those of you who want a quiet and quiet holiday atmosphere, can deh try to come to one of the gili virgin in Lombok that is Gili Kedis . Gili Kedis exoticism began to be known to tourists after many people upload the beauty of this island in various media.

The Charming Atmosphere Gili Kedis offers

Wisata Privat di Pulau Mini Eksotis, Gili Kedis (2)
Wisata Privat di Pulau Mini Eksotis, Gili Kedis (2)

If you intend to come to Gili Kedis located in Sekotong Village, West Lombok, it takes at least 1.5 hours from downtown Mataram. In this place, you will feel the sensation of being on a private island. Because the area of Gili Kedis is only about the size of a football field. You only need at least 10 minutes to circle the whole island. Legs will not be sore if intending to surround this super mini island. But make no mistake, the beauty of this small island is not inferior to other places!

Gili Kedis exoticism is worth considering because the sea water around the dyke is so clear. Do not forget to bring snorkeling equipment to enjoy the coral reefs around which are still natural. Various types of fish that live around the coral reef will make you fascinated. Can also spend time swimming on the lips of the dyke that feels like in a private pool. This place is also suitable for use as a tourist destination for couples who want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

In addition to playing the fine sand, my friend can also hang hammocks around the trees on this mini island. The relaxed atmosphere makes your picnic even more memorable. Deploying beach cloth while enjoying the exoticism of Gili Kedis would be an unforgettable experience. But do not forget to bring the food waste back, yes. Keep the cleanliness in this place so that the natural beauty remains sustainable.

Well, if the buddy traveler intend to spend the holidays to the island of Lombok, do not forget to stop by Gili Kedis. Guaranteed deh, exoticism Gili Kedis will eliminate your tired during routine.

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