The Beautiful Enchantment of Lombok From Upper Hill Merese

Must have heard of one of the tourist destinations in Lombok is quite unique that is Bukit Merese. So beautiful and interesting this hill is dubbed as the hill of love. Indeed the island of Lombok always presents the scenery of nature is very exotic and fascinating the tourists. And the tourist destinations will never run out to be explored.
You can enjoy various natural beauty from this hill. Indeed, if we see a tourist destination with different directions will be able to create a very mesmerizing natural charm. Same with the case if we visit this Mount Merese then you will be able to see beautiful scenery that was never imagined before.

The Charm of the Natural Beauty of the Merese Hill

All tourists who visit this one hill will be amazed and fascinated by the natural beauty that is created. From the top of the hill you will be able to see clearly the difference of sea water with clear blue color. Even still will be clearly visible at night. Sea water will be seen to have a fairly clear divider between tosca green and dark blue. Where the sea depth signifies different
From the top of the hill will also be able to see the charm of Tanjung Aa’n clearly without any objects that cover. Not only that, later also can enjoy the peace when the sunset began to arrive when beautiful and fascinating. In addition to doing a variety of interesting activities in this Merese Hill. Certainly for the climber will be very suitable because it requires energy to reach the top of the hill.

Bukit Merese (2)
Bukit Merese (2)

Easy access to Bukit Merese

For those who intend to Bukit Merese, can use private vehicles such as cars or motorcycles. This hill is located in Central Lombok, precisely the southern side of the region Pujut and still a tourist complex with Tanjung Aa’n Beach. If departing from the city of Mataram takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get to this hill.

We will also be facilitated with a way that is pretty good. During the trip we will also be presented quite interesting scenery. We will be able to see the livestock residents, plantations, traditional houses. So it was felt once a very natural and beautiful atmosphere.

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