The Beauty of Gili Nanggu Paradise Lombok

Enchantment Gili Nanggu Lombok was able to hypnotize many tourists who vacation to Lombok. Anyone would not want to miss a beautiful moment when coming to Lombok including one of them by stopping by Gili Nanggu. Nature tourism this one became a reference Lombok tour that is different from the others. Especially for you who like to cruise the new tours in Lombok not to miss enjoy the charm of Gili Nanggu is so fascinating.

Paradise of the Natural Beauty of Gili Nanggu

Lombok is rich in natural scenery dominated by marine tourism, One of the nautical tourism that you must visit when coming to Lombok is Gili Nanggu. Why? Because the attractions of this one presents a variety of beauty paradise that will certainly make you feel at home and make you do not want to go home.

Pesona Keindahan Gili Nanggu Surga Wisata Lombok
The Beauty of Gili Nanggu Paradise Lombok

Although only a small island, but Gili Nanggu has a beauty that is not inferior to other attractions in Lombok. With its white sand combined with crystal clear waters make this one island make your vacation feel like on a private island.

The enchantment of Gili Nanggu that you must explore is the underwater world that amaze and amaze. In fact, many thousands of fish of various species that live under the sea Gili Naggu and coral reefs are still very natural. No wonder if this one tourist attraction increasingly popular among the traveler from Indonesia and abroad.

Not satisfied it seems to come to Gili Nanggu Just sit enjoy the scenery. You should try a variety of exciting activities that are guaranteed to make addictive and memorable. Activities that you can try include fishing, snorkeling, diving, camping until kayaking. Make you a holiday crowded with friends should bring the equipment for camping camping in Gili Nanggu guaranteed exciting but do not forget the permission first to the local village yes.

If you are interested in enjoying the beautiful charm of Gili Nanggu like heaven do not hesitate to come directly to Medang Village precisely in Sekotong Pesisir Subdistrict south of West Lombok. To get to Gili Nanggu usually travel through the sea route with a marvelous view of the natural marine scenery that makes you not bored during the trip.


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