The Beauty of Hidden Paradise Gili Sudak Lombok

Lombok Island is one of the areas that have a lot of tourist charm, especially the tour of small islands or dyke. If calculated how many dyke, maybe you will tired yourself count them. But to note, there is one dyke is quite famous for the beauty of the beach and underwater life one of them Gili Sudak.
Gili one is located district Sekoyong West, precisely Village Medang, Dusun Batu Kijuk. The mainstay of this dyke is the atmosphere around which is still beautiful and cleanliness that is always maintained by local managers. Indeed, this dyke has not been managed by many investors. So it is still very natural and still well preserved.

Easy Access to Gili Sudak

For you who want to visit can drive private vehicle or also public transportation. Travel time is also quite short which is about an hour only if started the journey from the city of Mataram. Later the destination will go directly to the Hamlet Stone Kijuk.
Next to get to Gili Sudak, you need to use a boat, boat or boat to cross from the Hamlet Stone Kijuk to Gili Sudak. Time to cross is also very short about 15 minutes. In this dyke region there are already some resorts that use the main material in the form of wood so it still feels very natural and authentic style.

Natural Beauty Gili Sudak

Gili this one is also very famous for underwater life is so beautiful and charming. You can enjoy a variety of marine life such as beautiful coral reefs, small fish and also starfish. So when diving, it feels like being in a huge beautiful and enchanting aquarium.

gili sudak (2)
gili sudak (2)

Moreover, the sea waves around Gili Sudak also very calm and also very clear. Even the sea floor can be seen clearly when viewed from above. This place is perfect for a friend who wants to enjoy the cool life under the sea. For those of you who can not swim, just relax, because you can still see from the ship or also enjoy the sensation of cool breeze under the tree around the beach. And do not miss accompanied by a very fresh young coconut.


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