Various Tourism Excitism in Sembalun Village

Lombok always presents various types of tourist destinations are quite unique, interesting and certainly fascinating. One of these destinations is Sembalun village. The village is located in the district of Sembalun, East Lombok regency. Even the village is divided into 6 namely Sembalun Bumbung, Sembalun Timba Gading, Sembalun Lawang, Petung Bilok, Sajang and Sembalun.
These villages have exotic nature that is quite fascinating. Because the average village is located just below the slopes of Mount Rinjani. So Sembalun village has beautiful scenery and stunning. If from the city of Mataram takes about 4 hours drive to reach this village.

The beauty of Sembalun Lawang Village

One of the most famous villages in Sembalun District is Sembalun Lawang. In addition to the center of the District, this one village also has its own privileges. You can enjoy the natural scenery is very beautiful as well as this area became one of the most favorite path of climbing.

The main reason the climbers choose the initial route of climbing through the village of Sembalun is because more can mengehmat energy to reach the Peak Rinjani. You will also be presented with a cool and very fresh air if you are in this Sembalun mace. The magnificence of Mount Rinjani is very clear from Sembalun Lawang. So that makes the climbers will be more eager to start the journey.

Stunning Tour Rides at Sembalun

Friend friend especially mountain lovers can also treat the sense of longing to Mount Rinjani by visiting one of the hills in the village of Sembalun. The name of the hill is an angle hill that has a natural charm not less with the Peak Rinjani. This hill has a height of about 1700 mdpl and is perfect for my friend who is not so accustomed to climbing a high mountain.

Desa Sembalun (1)
Desa Sembalun (1)

Buddy traveler can also enjoy the freshness of the waterfall located in this slope village Rinjani. Mangku Sakti waterfall itself is sourced directly from Mount Rinjani. Even this beautiful waterfall is still rarely known to tourists. So still very natural and beautiful. It is suitable for my friend who loves the tour that has not been touched by humans. But the facilities and roads are still rough because it has not been managed with the maximum.


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