Why is Mount Rinjani Considered a 5 Star Mountain?

Rinjani as a 5-star mountain for climbers, the peak of Mount Rinjani became the goal of hacking. Dewi Rinjani not only tempts climbers, but the general public also admire his beauty, even his charm not only in the know local community, but to foreign countries.

1. Segara Anak fascinating

The name of Segara Anak according to local residents means that it is a seawater, where the lake’s water is bluish-colored just like sea water. Besides, around Segara Anak is covered by shade trees, so it is not wrong if Rinjani as a 5 star mountain.

2. The Charm of Batujari Crater

When you are at the edge of the lake, you will see the magnificent Crater of Mount Batujari located in the middle of Lake Segara Anak. This Batujari Mountain extracts sulfur from the crater, making it even more beautiful.

3. The mountain tracks are addictive

The track to reach the summit of Mount Rinjani is very heavy, but will pay off with beautiful natural charm at the top of Mount Rinjani. Where Rinjani has rainforests with low mountains, as well as many beautiful edelweis in vast savannas.

4. Wallace line border

Rinjani is a tangent meeting of the Wallace line, so the flora fauna of Asian and Australian types meet. So when you climb Rinjani can easily find langurs.

5. Hot water bath

Generally around the foot of the mountain found hot water bathing places paid, but in Rinjani you can take a free hot bath near the Lake Segara Anak. Eliminating tired trips to the top of the mountain with a hot tub, while looking at the natural charm, make Rinjani as a 5-star mountain for the climbers.

6. Goa Payung Mas and Goa Susu

In addition to natural hot springs and charm Segara Anak Lake, Rinjani also has a cave that is not less interesting.

Sunset the most exotic

Mount Rinjani is considered the most romantic peak, where waiting for the beauty of dusk with lovers. This location is most appropriate to get romance with a lover.
Climbing a mountain you will get a lot of natural beauty, so no one if Rinjani as a 5-star mountain.


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