3 Spot Seger Beach Tempting the Visitors

The uniqueness of nature Seger Beach makes it as the best tourist destination in Lombok. The views of the hills, the corals are awake, the clean white sand and even the waves that became a paradise of surfing sports.

Its vast location has plenty of natural beauty as well as performing different activities on every part of Seger beach. In addition, its location is close to the airport, making it easy to reach.

Are you interested in spending time in Lombok? Here are 3 Seger beach spots that will tempt you to linger in Lombok.

pantai seger (2)
pantai seger (2)

North Seger Beach

There is a monument that attracted the attention of Mandalika Princess monument. This location is a favorite of local or foreign tourists to take pictures, both on the bamboo bridge of interest or with the background monument.
Sea water in the northern part of the island is still very clear, the waves are also quite gentle, then this spot is widely used for snorkeling, swimming or canoeing while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Middle Seger Beach

The sea water is blue tosca as well as the sun rays provide a beautiful view. In this section the waves are quite large, therefore, perfect for surfing or surfing.
Not only that, in the middle of the beach in a wedge by 2 hills and small fields around it and this spot is known as Seger 1. Where, there are gazebos that have been provided to relax, eat together or take shelter enjoying the white sand and pile of stones black in the middle of the sea. Looks exotic not!
Spot Bukit Seger

Besides having clear sea water, sand puth and coral reefs. Seger Beach has a hill that can be climbed by visitors. So, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Seger from altitude. Disarming it, the hill also has a ramp ramp, so it is quite easy to reach the top.

South side

The southern spot is perfect for visitors who swim, play water on the beach or make sand decorations because of the gentle waves. This area is known as Seger 2 which has a longshore lips.



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