Aik Kalak Hot Spring at the foot of Mount Rinjani

Aik Kalak hot spring- In Indonesia a lot of hot springs are useful for health and used as a tourist attraction. One of them Aik Kalak hot water tour located at the foot of Mount Rinjani, in Lombok. Lombok people are not familiar with this hot springs, but not only the people of Lombok, the outsiders also know this beautiful tour.

Mystical Value of Mount Rinjani and Aik Kalak Hot Spring

As you know, Mount Rinjani brings a tremendous appeal to the tourists, when tourists visit this place can be found hot springs there. People often call the source of hot water as Aik Kalak, the people around believe that this hot water source was bathing from Jayengrana. The main character of this puppet is famous among Gumi Sasak.

Do not be surprised Mount Rinjani was in the middle of Lombok society famous for its mystical story. This mountain is a symbol of sacredness on the island of Lombok, but the mystical value is not a problem for tourists who thirst for the beauty-natural beauty. So while visiting Mount Rinjani, tourists should visit this hot spring as well.

Sumber Air Panas Aik Kalak di Kaki Gunung Rinjani (2)
Sumber Air Panas Aik Kalak di Kaki Gunung Rinjani (2)

The hot spring of Mount Rinjani is often visited by tourists from various regions for different purposes. This hot spring has a powerful mystical power used for the treatment, can increase endurance in the body. So when you are here, many tourists are soaking and relaxing in this hot spring.

Reached Aik Kalak Hot Water Pool at Rinjani Mountain

This hot springs are two places with irregular shape. Reaching the location of hot springs at the foot of Mount Rinjani, you must travel on foot through the national forest. The path is quite winding and up and down. Here prepare the body condition that extra strong and fit in order to pass the journey safely.

Travel time to the hot springs is about 7 to 8 hours drive from the nearest village. See the time used so much, then you can camp around the hot water Aik Kalak. But be careful that here a lot of a bunch of monkeys who can at any time steal your provisions.

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