Amazing Tour at Gunung Tunak Nature Park

Lombok is one of the tourist destinations that have recently received the title of halal tourism in the world. Like the island of Bali, Lombok’s popularity is expected to continue to increase dramatically. The island has many tourism potentials both natural, culinary and cultural. Buddy travelers who come to Lombok may also be required to come to one of the tourism potential in the southern coast, Nature Parks Gunung Tunak.

Interesting Things from the Tunak Laut Nature Reserve.

Maybe you ask about what is interesting from the southern coast of Lombok, precisely Gunung Tunak Nature Park located in Dusun Tunak, Mertak Village, Pujut Subdistrict, Central Lombok. If using a two-wheeled vehicle or car, it takes at least 2 hours from the city of Mataram. The important thing that must be paid attention to the traveler is to prepare the stamina and supplies enough because going trekking steep roads to this tourist area.

Actually you can rent a cottage that is in Pantai Bumbang if you want to enjoy the area of Nature Tourism Gunung Tunak longer. This place offers a million charms that did not taste enough just a day. This place is called as a complete package of natural tourist destinations in Lombok. You will find white sand beaches, limestone walls, steep cliffs, green grass, coastal forests and lowland forests.

You can enjoy the view of the contrast of nature that is not two in Indonesia. The vast expanses of the blue sea, the green landscape and the bright blue sky blend into one. If you want to try something else, can try the sensation of fishing in Gili Penyu. On the coast of this resort, the beauty of coral reefs attract snorkeling lovers. The fierce waves that hit the limestone cliffs were incredible. How can you miss the natural beauty of this tropical country that Gunung Tunak offers?

Wisata alam gunung tunak
Wisata alam gunung tunak

Well, traveler lovers who intend to come to Gunung Tunak Nature Park this, should prepare a complete supplies. The place is still beautiful and virgin make this place is still empty of visitors. Not just a food handler there so must maximize supplies. But, do not forget to bring back the garbage so as not to contaminate this unspoiled nature tour, yes! Let’s travel here to experience the amazing natural sensations that also challenge adrenaline.

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