Feel the Sensation of The Hobbit Movie at Ancient Tree Tour Lian Lombok

For those of you who love the movie The Hobbit would have been quite familiar with the atmosphere in the film. In the movie The Hobbit displays the setting in the forest with tall and large trees. Maybe just imagine such a setting is just abroad. But it turns out you can meet the background like a movie on the ancient Lian tree tour, Lombok Island.

It can even be said that this tourist spot is very similar to the background of The Hobbit movie. In the tourist spot of Lian Ancient tree we can see some very big trees and have age up to hundreds of years. Actually the existence of these trees has been known for a long time. But recently lately opened into one of the mainstay tourist destinations on the island of Lombok.
One that makes the tour of Ancient Lian trees became quite famous is a lot of tourists who upload photos to social media while on this tour. Many photographers also use ancient trees for an interesting background. In addition, my friend can also use this tour to create video clips with a natural and beautiful atmosphere.

wisata pohon purba lian (1)
wisata pohon purba lian (1)

Fasilitas dan Akses Menuju Wisata Pohon Purba Lian

Before it opened into a tourist area, these trees are only considered as a collection of ordinary trees. So it is still very rare people who want to visit and enjoy the atmosphere around which is still very natural and beautiful. It used to be there also rarely support facilities for travel such as adequate parking, gazebo to relax and others.

With the decision to be opened into a tourist area, managed to change the look of this ancient tree complex to be very comfortable and mengasikkan. Until now there are many Gazebo for visitors. Moreover, a traveler can visit this unique tourist destination with ease.
Ancient Lian tree tour is located on the main edge of the main road. More precisely in the district Pringgabaya, Mountain Village Malang, East Lombok. If departing from the Port of Lombok, requires a distance of about 2 kilometers only. You can visit this ancient object easily without fear of getting lost.

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