Pace Adrenaline at Tanjung Poki, Devil Tears Ala Lombok | The traveler who likes to go to south Bali may already be familiar with the name Devil Tears. Yes, Devil Tears itself is a beach nickname that has violent waves colliding directly with cliffs or steep hills around it. Well, if my friend went to the island of Lombok, will nemu Devil Tears-style island in Tanjung Poki. Tourist attractions located in the village of Sekaroh, District Jerowaru, East Lombok is also long known as a prima donna Devil Tears ala Lombok must be visited by a true adventurer.

Pacu Adrenalin di Tanjung Poki, Devil Tears Ala Lombok (2)
Pace Adrenaline at Tanjung Poki, Devil Tears Ala Lombok (2)

Uniqueness and Spot Interesting Tour in Tanjung Poki

What can be done in a tourist place that does not have a coastline like anywhere else? Eh, do not get me wrong first because you can see the wave scene that hit the cliff from different sides. In fact, the enormity of the waves can reach the top of the hill so as to make the heart beat exercise. For adventure lovers, this atmosphere is really challenging. Capturing the power of Tanjung Poki as Devil Tears Lombok is highly recommended for those of you who come here.

However, do not try to swim in this place if you do not want to be swept by the big waves. The activities that can be tried in Tanjung Poki are fishing. If you go here on Saturday Sunday, crowded dozens of anglers who are ready to test the adrenaline popping technique. The strike taste of the fish will be like on a television show that is often watched. Bring your own set of fishing rods from home, yes. Can also bring your own snacks as long as you do not throw garbage carelessly to keep this place awake.

If you are interested in going here, you can go through Mataram, Praya, Lucky, Replace, Jerowaru and go directly to Sekaroh Village . The trip is quite long because the distance to the tourist attraction Mataram is about 84 kilometers. It takes at least 2-2.5 hours to travel by motorcycle. The journey to this place is not easy because you will face a rocky field that is quite difficult and challenging. But, of course the struggle will be paid to see the awesomeness of waves in Tanjung Poki.

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