Pantai Semeti Lombok, The Beauty of Heaven of the World | Who does not know Lombok. Not only in Bali alone that presents beautiful natural beauty. Lombok, with its pristine landscape presenting breathtaking and exciting natural beauty for your holiday. Pantai Semeti Lombok is one of them. So that you are not disappointed to miss the beauty of this one, here’s the picture.

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For you who love nature, Semeti Beach Lombok is a natural beauty that is second to none. When you choose Lombok as your holiday destination, you will never find the word disappointed. You will be surprised by many beautiful sights that will make your days more colorful.

Especially the beauty of the existing beaches in Lombok will make you amazed. Just like in Bali, Lombok is famous for its beaches that have white sand that glittering during the day. Semeti Beach Lombok, precisely located in the tourist area Selong Belanak, has a beautiful coastline with clear water and color as blue as sky.

In Semeti Beach Lombok there are many rocks scattered around the beach that can be crawled by the visitors, but must be with a high degree of caution. Because the waves at Semeti Beach can be very fierce in the daytime. Moreover, the cliffs that surround it add to the beauty of the beach and surely you are increasingly want to berswafoto there.

Pantai Semeti Lombok, Keindahan Surga Dunia (2)
Pantai Semeti Lombok, The Beauty of Heaven of the World (2)

Although access to Semeti Beach is still difficult due to unpaved roads and transportation is still difficult, but did not dampen the desire of tourists to visit there. Because your efforts will not be in vain. Once there, the tired immediately paid off with the beauty of the beach is really fascinating.

In addition, you can also do other activities on this beach like fishing. Many local residents who deliberately spend all day to just menyalurkan fishing hobby and even enjoy the beautiful sunset. Moreover, by taking pictures on the hills, will produce the right view. But you have to be extra careful.

Even some people mention Pantai Semeti Lombok is like a natural aquarium. This name is indeed worthy of the beauty of the beach, with clear water and surrounded by coral reefs that are cracked there are many small fish, as if we are in a giant aquarium.

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