The Enchantment of the Beauty of the Mangku Sakti Waterfall You Deserve to Visit | As the name attached to this tourist destination, Mangku Sakti Waterfall was to store the hidden beauty. If you decide to enjoy a few days holiday in Sembalun Tourism Village, stop by to one of the tourist attraction in this area of East Lombok. Guaranteed landscapes that are still virgin, beautiful and offer a relaxation that you will not find elsewhere.
Curious as to what beauty this tourist attraction has? Check out the following full review.

Access to the Mangku Sakti Waterfall

From the city of Mataram, it took at least 2.5 hours to reach a hidden tourist spot. Road access is quite difficult because the field is quite challenging and steep. It takes precision and skill when you use Lombok motorcycle rental services. However, a fairly difficult journey with a field full of inclines and corners will be paid off. The green landscape will make travel fatigue disappear instantly.

The Beauty Offered Mangku Sakti Waterfall

True traveler will enjoy trekking approximately 15 minutes to the tourist area of Mangku Sakti Waterfall from the parking lot. Eyes will be greeted by a view of a virgin forest. The chirping of birds and wild animals like monkeys and chickens is a sign that this place is still untouched by human hands. At the end of the trekking trip, the sound of water ripples indicates that this place is near.

Pesona Keindahan Air Terjun Mangku Sakti
Pesona Keindahan Air Terjun Mangku Sakti

You can also visit Mangku Kodek Waterfall which is under the level of Mangku Sakti Waterfall. This tourist spot has also become a package of new tourist destinations in the region Sembalun. At the top level is your ultimate tourist destination that has extraordinary charm. You can swim in a pool of blue water tosca. Really Sakti in speak english ( Charm ) name because the view of the high cliffs make the beauty of this waterfall is unequaled.

If you intend to come to Mangku Sakti Waterfall, you should come in the dry season, yes. In the rainy season, the road to this area is quite difficult and slippery. But, believe me that your struggle will not be in vain because the natural scenery of this tour is extraordinarily beautiful.

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