Charm of the Beauty of Twin Water Tiu Teja

Lombok Island always save a lot of tourist destinations that are rarely known to the traveler. The main icon of Lombok Island itself is Mount Rinjani that looks dashing and majestic. Behind the valor and splendor there is an abundance of very beautiful tejun water. One of them is Tiu Teja waterfall which is still very natural and beautiful.

Maybe buddy traveler is still quite strange to hear the name of this waterfall. But you need to know, the popularity of this waterfall is now beginning to be heard if the other travelers. Some even mention that Tiu Teja waterfall is better than the waterfall that was already famous

Uniqueness of Tiu Teja Waterfall

The name of the waterfall would have been able to imagine what it looks like. But there is the uniqueness of this waterfall compared to waterfalls elsewhere. Because my friend will be presented two waterfalls are large enough with almost the same size. The condition of this waterfall will be more beautiful when it starts exposed to the sun exposure that caused bias-biased rainbow thin.

Air Terjun Tiu Teja (2)
Air Terjun Tiu Teja (2)

You can also enjoy the freshness of waterfall Tiu Teja on the pond below with an area of 10 meters square and a depth of 1 meter only. So for those who can not swim do not worry because the depth is only 1 meter is very safe to enjoy the freshness of the water.

Supporting Transportation

Tiu Teja waterfall is about 60 KM from downtown Mataram. Well, for those who want to visit this waterfall can use a motorcycle. Because if the car will only stop until at the gate only. The car will be very difficult to reach the core location because there is still a distance of 2 KM. The path also consists of gardens and forests are quite dense. To go to the location of the waterfall will require ojek service. So it is more practical to use a motorcycle only.

Special again, for those of you who like adventure can visit the waterfall Tiu Teja by climbing. Later you will cross the route kebuh coffee, rainforest slopes Rinjani and various wildlife that live in the wild. The last point is at the Natural Resources Conservation Monitoring Post.

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