Waterfall Yarn Nets, Exoticism Tour at the foot of Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is one of the iconic tourist attractions owned by the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The power of one of the top ten mountains in Indonesia has indeed been well known throughout the archipelago. Not only has the beauty at the peak only, the foot of Mount Rinjani also offers a variety of interesting sights. One tourist spot at the foot of Mount Rinjani which is obliged to visit the traveler is Waterfall Yarn Netting.

Location and Access to Waterfall Yarn Netting

From the city of Mataram, you need about 1.5 hours drive by private vehicle or rental. Can choose to use a motorcycle or car because the access road is pretty good. The distance between Mataram to the waterfall is at least 30 kilometers or just in the hamlet Pemotong, Desai Aik Berik, Central Lombok. The 500 meter walk from the parking area was able to relax the tired mind. The scenery splits the forest that served to make the eyes reluctantly turned away.

Uniqueness Waterfall Yarn Netting

As the name pinned locals on this tourist spot, the waterfall looks smooth like a mosquito net. The shape of this waterfall is different as widened as a curtain. Actually this waterfall has a good heights but is divided into several levels. The first level has a height of 30 meters, 10 meters on the second level and 5 meters at the last level.

Air Terjun Benang Kelambu, Eksotisme Wisata di Kaki Gunung Rinjani
Waterfall Yarn Nets, Exoticism Tour at the foot of Mount Rinjani

You can try climbing rocks if you want to feel different sensations. However, be careful when climbing because the rocks around the Waterfall Yarn Nets are pretty slippery. Do not hesitate to wet or bathe in the bottom of the pool and enjoy the water droplets from the bushes and trees.

This place is very cool and beautiful considering the water that flows directly from the spring of Lake Segara Anak. It is said, the locals believe that the water that flows in this place can cure various diseases. In addition, you can wash your face with water that is believed to make you stay young. Well, buddy traveler interested in visiting this Lombok tourist destination? Yuk, enjoy the amazing natural attractions at the Waterfall Yarn Nets.

Sumber gambar: http://www.dutawisata.co.id/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Air-Terjun-Benang-Kelambu.jpg, https://caderabdul.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/img_8386.jpg


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