Natural and beautiful destination in Kuta Beach lombok

Lombok Island is one of the areas in Indonesia that has many tourist destinations. You can visit various beaches, waterfalls, gili and other destinations. Lombok itself has a lot of beaches scattered throughout the region. One of them is quite famous Kuta beach Lombok.
If you hear the words of Kuta must be drawn is a beautiful beach Kuta Bali. But you need to know, Lombok also has Kuta and this is also a very beautiful beach destination. Even for some people Kuta beach Lombok more beautiful than Kuta Bali. This beach has a stretch of white sand that is very clean with a wave-shaped coastline.

Pantai Kuta Lombok (1)
Pantai Kuta Lombok (1)

Besides Kuta beach is also supported by a variety of marine life dazzling in the form of coral reefs. Although including the beach is quite famous, but the nature of coral reefs and marine life is still very awake and very sustainable. So here the activity of snorkeling and playing with the adorable little fish can still be done.
The waves at Kuta beach Lombok are also very friendly. Try surfing. The atmosphere of nature is still very natural and beautiful will make a lingering stay at this beach. The atmosphere will be warmer when set against the sunset view.

Facilities and Access to Kuta Beach Lombok

This very beautiful beach is located in District of Pujut precisely Kuta Village, Central Lombok Regency. To reach this beach destination, it takes about 72 kilometers distance from the city of Mataram. And time travel can reach about 1 hour 30 minutes. It is advisable to use a car type vehicle if you want to visit it.

Other alternatives can follow the package tour to Kuta beach Lombok, because here is still very rare public transport. In addition, if there is, certainly also set a relatively more expensive tariffs. Not to mention public transport hours are very limited. So to save costs and time can be with private car or tour package only.
If you want to stay overnight and wait for sunrise, look for suitable adjacent lodging. In the vicinity of this beach there are many inn choices that can be adjusted with the budget and facilities. So do not worry the bag is dry or can not sleep soundly.


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