Tanjung Aan Beach – Elegan Beach Sandy Like Pepper

Tanjung Aan Beach is one of the many beaches in Lombok that is not less beautiful than the other coastline. Well, make a friend who is planning a tour to Lombok, Tanjung Aan Beach is highly recommended. The location is located in Kuta Village Lombok, District Pujut, Central Lombok Regency.

Tanjung Aan beach holds an elegant title because its location is surrounded by hilly area where one of its hill is named Bukit Marese. If my friend traveled from Seger Beach then my friend only takes 10-15 minutes. Not far right?

This beach became one of the popular and famous beaches in Lombok so it is quite crowded visited by tourists from various regions. The tourists love to visit here because the beach has its own uniqueness. What is that? This beach turned out to have sand but its sand structure is large-sized even to resemble pepper.

Not much different from the activities that can be done on the beach in general, the tourists who visit can do a variety of tourism activities such as surfing, swimming or just looking and enjoying the beauty of the beach God’s creation.

While visiting this beach this heart feels subdued with its beauty because the beauty of Tanjung Aan Beach is charming. Well, no wonder if many who frequent this Tanjung Aan Beach because it really makes the heart fascinated and amazed.

The privilege of Tanjung Aan Beach

As already mentioned earlier if the thing that makes this beach unique and other than the other is where the beach structure looks like pepper. When climbing the sand grain at Tanjung Aan Beach, it feels like this foot is being treated acupuncture because of its large sand structure such as pepper earlier. That is the unique of this beach, but after walking toward the hill the sand structure is different ie soft white sand.

Tanjung Aan Beach – Elegan Beach Sandy Like Pepper

Another specialty of Tanjung Aan Beach is you can see the beauty of sunset at Bukit Marese. If you want to see the charm of the beach from a height then my friend can climb Marese Hill which can easily be climbed. From there with the amazing natural beach paintings can be enjoyed. If my friend is a photography lover then this amazing sunset moment is heaven for my friend.

There is another thing that is not less special when traveling is hunting souvenirs and other shopping. A little tips when shopping, do not hesitate and afraid to bid prices because the price can be negotiable. From a number of its privileges, this beach becomes a beach that is highly recommended for a visit.

Sumber gambar: http://www.pergiberwisata.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/pantai-tanjung-lombok-aan.jpg, https://www.sunshineseeker.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Lombok-Budget-Travel-Tanjung-Aan.jpg



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